Wednesday, September 29, 2010

World Of Warcraft

I have been playing Wow for some time now and noticed that a lot of people at least on my server don't know the basic principles of the game. Hopefully, anyone reading this can take something from it to improve themselves in this mmo.

1. The first rule, though it does seem kinda self spoken, is don't act like your 12. Lets face it, most people playing that game are 18+. If you don't make friends, your going to get no where. This is a game based on playing with others. You can only get so far alone. Just be the cool self you are. It is ok to be immature every now and then, but just don't make it a normal thing.

2. Know what you want to play. They're a lot of different class/race combination, as well as two different factions. Knowing what you want to be is the key to success in this game. For example. If you wanted to be a caster, but didn't want to be someone who relies on putting Dots (Damage over time) spells on a target, you wouldn't enjoy playing a warlock. I will go into more depth on this as you read on.

3. Do some research on the class you choose! Without knowing what you need to do for your class, your never going to be the best you can be. Some basic things you should keep in mind are what type of stats do you want. Is haste or crit better. Do you have enough intellect, enough spell power. Those types of things. Another thing you need to realize is that some people dedicate their entire time to this game, and they write blogs, such as this, that will go over what needs to be done. Most classes have a spell rotation, which is a set order in which you need to press your keys to do the maximum output of what ever your doing.

4. Remember to have fun! This isn't a job. You pay blizzard to play this game. You don't want it to consume your entire life. You need to take the game serious enough, but realize that life is more important.

Those are pretty much the very basic rules of being decent in wow. In the following blogs we will do an over view of the classes. This is the first of many.

Mage: Mages are the typical caster dps(Damage per second) that first comes to mind. They focus in tree casting trees: Arcane, Fire, And frost. Arcane, the spec you see most Mages running around using is the building block spec for the beginning and intermediate raiding mage. Fire is more of a more complex spec, since you need a certain amount of gear to actually out dps arcane. Frost is more of a pvp (Player vs Player) only spec. Though rare, you will see some mages raiding as frost, but since arcane and fire are vastly superior in dps, they do not put as much damage as they could. Mages can be ether Human, Gnome, Draenei, Troll, Undead, and Bloodelfs.


  1. i use to play back when it first came out. realized what i could do to me so i quit

  2. I used to play and it was so annoying running into "a bunch of 12 year olds".

  3. Wooo! Level 80 Dreanei mage here!

  4. I could never get into World of Warcraft no matter how much I tried.

  5. The problem is that a lot of 12 year-olds tend to act their age. :/
    Then they never stop.

  6. WoW used to be awesome until they started catering to the immature lame 14 year olds.

  7. "Lets face it, most people playing that game are 18+." No.

    @Ajeis: Yes, and it didn't take them long to start doing that.

  8. never got into WoW but I heard it was a lot of fun